1655. Pay for not working

just passing this on as it is from o’reilley, it is so important. A key piece of any plausible scenario outside class warfare.

Uncoupling work from wages
Journalist Paul Mason, author of Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future, proposes a solution to the fear that increasing automation will produce mass unemployment: de-linking work from wages with a combination of universal basic income and a reduction of official working hours. This will also require people to redefine themselves in the absence of job title, work skill sets, or professional accomplishments. Sociologist David Frayne, author of The Refusal of Work (see “Deeper Reading,” below) follows up with an examination of how to deal with automation’s “productivity dividend”:
“Without a democratic debate about how to channel the time saved by automation, the outcome can only be dystopian. Left to the dictates of capital, automation will continue to push people into unemployment, and growing numbers will suffer because their labour will no longer be useful for generating profit.”
Frayne asserts that to avoid a dystopian outcome from the automation of jobs, we must question the purpose and value of work and allow everyone to benefit from time saved by productivity gains.

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