1651. Social divide

The world seems to be divided between those who want to preserve the economy and thse who want to break it.

Th preservers, business as normal, because it is paying off for them and there are  more children to put in college, more vacations to take, more adventures scheduled, a Tesla, a boat. These are mostly

  • the one  percent
  • the rich
  • the takers
  • the inheritors


those who want to break the economy in order to change it, to find an income, a place to live, children to care for, old people to care for, a bit of education, a bit of health care, some respect.These are mostly

  • the poor
  • the 99%
  • those losing out

The problem for politicians is they need some of both to add up to a majority in order to win. If they are identified with one group or the other, they lose the other’s  support, so they have to keep real alliances hidden and work  off of righteous indignation.

Getting any really useful public policy or even discussion is just about impossible. The issues that are destroying society get worse and are not identified well, nor addressed.



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