1638. Climate change and land use.

Climate change, natural and industry induced, has social implications in the way the environment supports where people live, how they are to eat, their morale, and culture. Climate change will produce migrations and threaten existing relationships.

Rethinking land use is in our future and we should see it as an opportunity. I suspect that land use is one of the key issues for the future, driven by new population, climate change, and much higher energy prices with the trend toward local energy production – which requires land for solar or bio fuels.

The Democratic and Republican leadership never mentioned this issue. Even “housing” goes unmentioned. The threat is so high and the fallout likely to be so extreme, but the living conditions for the lower half of the population are increasingly expensive, and there will be consequences. The hope in the “climate change” debate is that technical and regulatory solutions will emerge – and we will not have to do anything. But the reality is that increased population, energy costs, and climate change, will force the need for action. We need solutions.

Note that land regulation is so extensive that there is nothing like a free market in land. Zoning, works to keep land in the holdings of the few. An owner cannot sell of a few hundred square feet of their land even if there are willing buyers.Imagine a world with a free market in land.

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