1628. . Paris and beyond

it is going to be difficult, but much more if we misunderstand. The world’s major leaders seem perplexed about the motives of people in the ME attracted to violence. Try revenge. Try hopelessness. thinking about jobs, ideology, the appeal of violence are not enough. Those are categoeies, like a department store or mall. What our leaders  fail is the imagination to take in the whole middle east and its dwindling possibilities for an enhanced human life. People do make jusgements at this level and come up despairing. Too crowded, too armed, getting hotter and the  collapse of all civil and religious authority. No future.  We judge ourselves in market terms and assume others can be assessed and are assessing what they can have now. But the future in its wholeness  is where the mind goes. Proposed solutions to the ME will probably be piecemeal and fail. One must imaginatively enter into the worlds of young people and old. It can be done. But so far it looks bad. Calling it a war with two sides is exactly what isis wants. Bush fell into this trap. And our leaders are reading the same script

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